Physics Games

Safety Jeopardy

Spelling Bee Game



Earth Quake Shake

Elements Games

Electric Box

The Plate Game

Tomb of Unknown Mummy

Paranormal Investigation Game

The Reconstructors


Crickler Word Puzzles

BBC KS3 Games



Whack Attack
Crickler Word Puzzles

AyitaThe cost of Life Game

Measurement games

Escape from Knab

Lemonade Game

Cool Math Games

Logic Puzzles (NEW)

Jig Zone


Ed Heads Virtual surgery and more

Fowl Words a game of keyboarding and vocabulary

World Geography Games

50 States Map Learn the location of the states by dragging the name to the location on a map.

Bloxorz Amazingly fun game that develops spatial and logical reasoning. Read the Directions to go far!

White House Games

Pipe Works

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